Lawyer objects to legally correct term "illegal alien"

Westchester County NY's Reeducation Roadshow - more formally known as the "Stop Prejudice Now listening tour" - visited Spring Valley and discussed immigration matters. Based only on the report available in "Immigrant activists speak" I'm going to assume that this is a far-left, Gramscian attempt to open up the borders. It does however includes this humorous bit:
[Westchester Human Rights Commissioner S. Ram Nagubandi] received a number of thoughtful replies and practical suggestions, in addition to the idea that county employees be trained. One, from [attorney Vicki] Cohen, was straightforward.

"One thing that we can certainly do is try to eliminate the phrase 'illegal alien,'" she said. "It's an outrageous phrase."
Needless to say, the term "illegal alien" appears multiple times in the U.S. Code, something which (I'd hope) Cohen is familiar with. On the other hand, "undocumented" does not appear.


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