30,000 public school teachers in California are not CTA members

As previously discussed, Union thugs shout down teachers suing over union electioneering.

The SacBee discusses that press conference in "Suit challenges union fundraising bid", which contains this interesting bit:

About 30,000 public school teachers in California have chosen to not join the CTA and instead are listed as "agency fee payers" rather than union members. Fee payers are still charged to support the union for its contract bargaining function, but they are not assessed any charges to help finance the CTA's political goals.

I was unable to find out how many total public school teachers there are in CA, but 30,000 sounds like it would be a good percentage of them.


I hope the union will not have the teachers shot.

you know, "like in mexico". 80 percent of the kids in our so called schools are from mexico, so if you have that many little rag rats inside the system from other parts of the world and that part of the world that has come here hates union and loves the red ways and rape drugs and mass murder, don't you think this system will become what the people are?