Most Americans support the Minuteman Project

Despite the media's countless attempts to smear them - and despite Our Leader calling them "vigilantes" - 54% of Americans support the Minuteman Project, a Rasmussen poll reports. Only 22% have an unfavorable view of them.

A little under half support the government encouraging volunteers to patrol the entire Mexican border. A little over half think that if that happened illegal immigration would be reduced.


As a person born in the United States, you (lonewacko bloggers) and all your other whiny friends have the greatest opportunities on the planet to get a real education and actually become something, rather than worrying about that job at the car wash you might have had. This mentality keeps you from actually doing something and rather has you carrying your GI Joe fantasy out as an amateur Border Patrol nut, a situation that real Law Enforcement is very concerned about.
If the United States has such a problem with immigration issues, then since it is the U.S. who seems to be having this problem, then it is up to the U.S. to approach the leadership of Mexico, Honduras, etc. and work out an agreement- we have none now and have not sought one- so maybe the Government isn't as worried as the (as referred to by the conservative leader of the free world) "vigilantes"- I knew if I waited long enough, GWB would come up with something I agreed with!

I feel about immigration the way Bill Clinton said he felt about abortion; it should be safe, legal, and rare.