Linda Chavez supports illegal immigrants take Katrina rebuilding jobs

Linda Chavez offers "Hispanics and Hurricane Katrina". She was watching TV and looking for others of her race:

...Most are immigrants -- often illegal -- from Honduras and Mexico. Then, just when I thought they were nowhere to be found, I spotted a few Hispanic men in the television footage this week of crews cleaning up the debris... Wherever they went to escape the storm, they're back -- because there is work to be done, and they are eager to do dirty jobs that many others shun...

Well, Linda, perhaps those aren't Louisiana natives or even residents. Perhaps, oh I dunno, they're from Texas.

And, I wonder who might be those "many others" she's refering to. Now, clearly, those "many others" are not Hispanics. Which race would they be? Whites? Blacks? Asians? Asian-Pacific Islanders?

I wonder if these images will sink in with the anti-immigrant crowd that imagines that Mexicans come to the United States looking for a handout.

Wow, that's quite a load of straw she's got there. While abuse of public services is part of the opposition to illegal immigration, isn't there a whole lot more? Like, just as one example, corrupt corporations getting massively subsidized labor and ripping the rest of us off? Say, did you know that Linda Chavez is a signatory to the "Conservative" Statement of Principles on Immigration as well as a supporter of Bush's guest worker scheme?

My suspicion is that few of New Orleans' Hispanic immigrants -- especially the illegal ones -- stuck around for the hurricane to hit. Immigrants in general tend to have strong initiative and good coping skills.

Yes, they're so much better than the lazy natives. As for me, I suspect that many of New Orleans' illegal immigrants have no real ties to that city and got out because they had as much at stake as Linda Chavez does to Nanking. Then, they - as well as their co-workers from other states and from Mexico - came back to make a buck.

There will be plenty of jobs to go around, and, as always, immigrants will be among the first lining up to do them.

Unfortunately for Chavez, the American thing to do is to make sure that - one way or another - those jobs go to Americans. It's explicitly un-American to allow illegal aliens to underbid Americans for those jobs.

But, at least we know whose side Linda Chavez is on.


That was 600 mexican troops not 60, in last posts.

the fact is what is wrong with hiring aliens for jobs here?..well what does chavez understand about the word "aliens, illagal?..and underbid by a foreign power? is it not outlandish that both the left and right see nothing wrong about this outrage? against people who need jobs here?

that can be answered in two words "one world".

but maybe this non government needs help to run us. After all Fox, and his hate race government of mexico? has one coming for all the gangs it has sent here over the long years of open attacks on American.
hey i can see a day when Fox gets a medal from bush and our non government for helping in the dismantling of the USA. by the way, "many people". in N.O., Would love to have a job paying 15 to 20 per hrs.

Leaving aside the question of who are our real enemies, let it be considered whether the mass antimerit immigration apologist is an insidious enemy of truth. She seems to set up a false dilemma here, in which one is either a worker or a handout seeker. This is not the totality of the alternatives though; one could be a worker AND a handout seeker at the same time. Folksy propaganda allows terms like handout, ever so conveniently undefined, to substitute for the definite term which is relevant: net public subsidy. Workers, as traditionally defined by leftists, are poor menials, like the illegals advocated for by Chavez , and workers of this class are exceeedingly likely to be on net public subsidy. Thus, Chavez mendaciously implies that her criminals are workers, who by definition, cannot be handout seekers; yet this is fallacious for her to imply. Mass immigration into the wastrel welfare society brings about an increase in the aggression on the net taxpayer, and this is an obvious evil, which Chavez must want to ignore, or have others ignore. Thus Chavez is revealed to be an enemy of morality; she is indifferent to the increase of aggression in the country, so long as it does something for her people.

Well yes old Chaves will support anything that helps mexico and its government to keep power that will someday be used against the people of the usa, ask this question why did bush send down to mexico 2 days before katrina a u.s. navy ship to pick-up 60 mexican troops, one of the guys i know who was in the usmc, told me he saw this happen and do you know what that means? its setting up a political, "presence", for mexico and the aztlan boys. this nation must start to see our government and its political race rats as the real emeny.

Yep, it is true. Chavez sits on the Board of ABM Industries which is a publicly held national janitorial firm.

I'm not sure, but I think Linda Chavez sits on the Board of Directors of a janitorial supply company. In other words, she has a vested interest in the endless supply of cheap labor.