CSU Monterey Bay: Marxist boot camp

There's a long article here on California State University Monterey Bay. The author is disgruntled former professor there, but it doesn't exactly sound like such a wholesome American place.

CSUMB could as easily have been named CSU-Affirmative Action. CSUMB is unique among American state colleges in that it was conceived as an Affirmative Action university and officially oriented as an institution of leftist political indoctrination... Students must also fulfill the "Community Participation" (formerly "Service Learning") ULR...

A "ULR" is a "University Learning Requirement". In case you think the author is overselling this, here's how CSUMB defines the ULRs:

These ULRs will give you deep multicultural and community awareness and a broad knowledge base.

OK, I'm game. Let's look at the "Culture and Equity ULR":

The Culture and Equity ULR requires you to comprehend your individual cultural identity in relationship to other cultures and lifestyles, and to demonstrate critical awareness of power relationships as well as the means for creating greater equity and social justice.

Hmmmm.... Do Californians know about this?

What about the "Democratic Participation ULR":

The Democratic Participation ULR requires you to use the tools of political action in a political project.

Obviously, there's a very good chance that the vast majority of those projects will be left-wing. Moreover, those projects that are not left-wing will probably be discouraged or downgraded in some way.

OK, continuing our tour with the "Creative and Artistic Expression ULR":

The Creative and Artistic Expression ULR requires you to produce works of art that communicate to diverse audiences through demonstrated understanding and fluency of expressive forms. Through your works of art you must show that you comprehend the significance and expression of culture in a variety of ways. Each Creative and Artistic Expression ULR course imparts thorough knowledge of the given discipline and offers you the opportunity to develop creatively through engaged and reflective work.

In short, CSUMB looks like CSU Basket Weaving for Far-Lefties. The idea that we'd spend money on Indoctrination U. is not very comforting at all.

Please contact your representatives and urge them to look in to this school.


Once these places have fallen into a pattern like that, there is scarcely any action short of closure, which can change them for the better. A government school tends to become more and more like the above example, just from being public, flourishing insofar as aggression will feed it. The mixture of aggression and an institution for the increase and spread of ideas, yields socialism and dictatorship. officials have little incentive to stop them, in that such schools make propaganda for the increase of offcial powers.