Chandler, Arizona tries to divert illegal aliens to day laborer center

The article "Chandler deters day laborers" starts out with the good news that city workers have been posting "No Stopping" and "No Parking" signs on streets in Chandler AZ where day laborers congregate looking for work. "Specially-assigned" police even gave out warnings to potential employers.

Then, it goes downhill fast:
...But still, at least 100 day laborers [were on those streets] on Monday morning waiting for work instead of going to a nearby day labor center city officials encourage them to use.

...Police and city workers are also handing out fliers that explain the new restrictions and advertise the day labor center...
The cost: $30,000 to start, and $14,000 per month for the cops. While this is a privately-funded center (as the city website informs us), local government money is still being used to assist rather than stop illegal behavior: hiring illegal aliens.

From the city's website:
The privately funded and operated Center meets several needs in the community. It provides laborers a safe place to negotiate a fair wage, while contractors and residents are provided with a one-stop shop for the help they need. The Center is open from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily. For safety reasons, those needing the assistance of day laborers are asked to refrain from stopping along the roadway.
I'm vaguely reminded of this, but that would never fly outside rural Nevada. But, perhaps as a Swiftian satire someone in Chandler should propose something similar.

Alternatively, someone should look into who's profiting from this scheme.

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