Gavin Newsom to citizens: you're on your own

Shocking news out of Frisco. Mayor Gavin Newsom has informed his subjects that in the case of a natural disaster or terrorist attack, they should be prepared to be on their own for up to 72 hours.

At a press conference, he uttered:

"If Hurricane Katrina didn't prove it to you, I don't know what will... I'm not waiting, in the event of an emergency, for Air Force One."

But, isn't the government supposed to take care of us? Shouldn't we expect help within a few hours?

Apparently not to the mean-spirited anti-human mayor of Frisco, who also informs us that he's created a web site to promulgate his near-Rethuglican views: It has lots of tips on those 72 hours, including creating a series of "Go Bags" containing necessities. (On DU, those are called "Bug Out Bags" and contain Canadian-American dictionaries.)

But, wait, it gets worse:

The city also is running an advertising campaign focusing on what's "nice to have" versus what you "need to have" in your home or car. One poster features sushi as "nice to have," but canned tuna and a can opener as a "need to have."