Illegal aliens doing rebuilding jobs in Biloxi, and they want visas

Isn't it wonderful in Bush's America?

From "Undocumented aliens rebuilding Biloxi, say they deserve visas" (link):
As Biloxi rises from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, it is doing much of it on the backs of undocumented foreign workers. Some are starting to suggest that their contributions are worth at least a temporary visa.

"If we are working and helping to raise this city, at least they should give us a work visa," said Manuel Armenta, a 44-year-old Mexican who came to Biloxi five months ago to do cleaning work at a hotel...

So far, there's been little risk [of getting deported]. The Department of Homeland Security has announced a 45-day period in which employers would not be fined for hiring undocumented workers. It said that was because many people had lost their proof of citizenship or legal residence in the storm...
Previously: "Give Illegal Aliens' Jobs to Unemployed Katrina Victims". UPDATE: The author of the story is Eduardo Castillo of the Associated Press.


Rebuilding New Orleans is about to become one of those well-known "jobs that Americans won't do."

This looks like another way for officials to intensify racial conflict. When minority evacuees come back and find that the illegals have taken their jobs, they will get violent. American officials will try anything they can get away with to light fuses of conflict like this. It's their only chance of getting dictatorship, now that all the world knows that radical socialism is pure malice.