"Give Illegal Aliens' Jobs to Unemployed Katrina Victims"

Phyllis Schlafly (link):
Katrina has displaced hundreds of thousands of Americans who now need food, housing, and cash. Relief for those necessities will have to be temporary and it will be many months before they can return to New Orleans, if ever, so what they need most of all is jobs.

Our government should act immediately to put these displaced Americans in the jobs now held by illegal aliens. Some 10 million illegal aliens are now working in our country, so there is no excuse for not replacing a million of them with unemployed American citizens...
Of course, it's going to be difficult to get our American president to favor American citizens over "kind-hearted people" who've entered our country illegally.

There's also the matter that many victims of Katrina have been brought up in the Welfare State. Perhaps "leaders" like Jesse Jackson could encourage refugees to take low-wage jobs even if they think they're below them. From his "Hurricane looting not over yet" (link):
...President Bush characteristically issued an executive order effectively lowering the wages of reconstruction workers -- and hiking the profits of their companies. He wiped out the requirement to pay prevailing wages in the disaster region, apparently thinking that $9 an hour for construction workers was too high a price to pay. The government can save money, no doubt, by exploiting illegal immigrant labor...
OK, so it looks like The Right Reverend Jesse Jackson and the pant-suited ERA opponent Phyllis Schlafly have something in common.

Let's build on that: get Jesse Jackson to join with the Democrats to ensure that rebuilding jobs are going to American citizens.

It just makes common sense, which is why the Democrats won't do anything about it.


Wouldn't it be great if one could easily identify an illegal immigrant? With fake documents that can even fool government officials, it's not so easy. To Phyllis Schlafly: This isn't an episode of The Brady Bunch.