WaPo Virginia poll: only 8% support illegal alien hiring halls

WaPo conducted a poll of registered voters in Virginia, and the results are discussed in "Immigration's Impact Is On the Minds Of Va. Voters".

I'd like to find the complete set of questions and results, but I've been so far unable to do so. However, from the graphic here:

Question: Would you support or oppose using public money to help pay for designated places where day laborers could gather while they wait to be hired?

All: 56% against, 42% for
NoVa: 47% against, 50% for

Question: (Only if they said they were supporters..) What if some of these day laborers were in the country illegally. In that case, would you support or oppose using public money to help pay for places where day laborers could gather to look for work?

All: 78% against, 19% for
NoVa: 61% against, 34% for

("NoVa" means Northern Virginia; they broke out the results for that area.)

Most or almost all workers at these centers are illegal aliens. And, in Herndon, they have no intention of checking immigration status.

So, let's do some math. Among all Virginians, only 19% of 42% support centers for illegal aliens.

In other words, if you include all respondents, that means that only around 8% of Virginians would support what Herndon and other locations are proposing: hiring halls for illegal aliens.


33 percent of registered voters think "the growing number of immigrants" has been bad for their communities, compared with 21 percent who say it has been good. In Northern Virginia, where most of the state's immigrants reside, residents split almost equally on whether immigration has been good or bad for their communities.

The article discusses this in the context of the race for VA governor. The pro-borders candidate is former Atty. General Jerry Kilgore. Given the massive numbers on his side, you might think anyone would be crazy to support massive illegal immigration. Well, you'd be wrong. See "Dems crazy enough to downplay danger of violent Central American gang" and, from the article:

State Sen. H. Russell Potts Jr. (R-Winchester), who is running for governor as an independent, called Kilgore's actions "the worst form of pandering." Lt. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, the Democratic candidate, said Kilgore is trying to find a wedge issue in what was an attempt by local officials to solve a difficult problem. "I think that's kind of slimy," he said Thursday.

See also "Herndon VA approves illegal alien hiring hall" (although that's since met some resistance from the neighboring county).


No idea about the details of this one, e.g. how it was conducted, but personally I think the results of these sorts of polls are usually skewed by the fact that the vast majority of the 'immigrants' (many illegals among them, of course) are non-white, and most poll respondents will be whites who have a strong avoidance to being called a 'racist' -- they've seen over and over again how opposition to immigration is equated with 'racism' in the media today.

Anyway, I cannot see how anyone can observe the raw demographic change, proliferation of 'bad schools', ghetto-ized Hispanic neighborhoods, even gang violence, and then say they think it's on balance a good thing.