The National Youth Rights Association's link to socialism

The NYRA has been featured here in the past because of their campaign to lower California's voting age: "CA Dem Party supports lowering voting age to 17".

In that post I thought it likely that they were just being used by racial demagogues seeking racial power. So, when I saw a hit from someone looking for 'National Youth Rights socialism' I got interested and tried that myself.

I didn't find anything of particular note, only that someone on their Executive Staff appears to be in the movement:

[Research & Education Director] Svend la Rose, a longtime citizen of the Bay Area, joined NYRA in May 2004 after leading his student union throughout high school. He led the student body population in mobilizing not only for "children's rights", but also for their Constitutional rights. He is currently active in the community through Chabot College, where he is continuing his studies, and through the ACLU, NARAL/Pro-Choice California, the Socialist Party USA, and various other causes. He joined NYRA's staff in March 2005 and was installed as Research and Education Director in July 2005.

More on him here. An abandoned blog here. A poll of their members' political affiliations here.

It doesn't appear that the NYRA is a socialist organization, only that they appear to be open to people with different ideologies. However, if anyone knows better or has any other information, leave a comment.


I am a Socialist Party regular. Many of NYRA's other leaders are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and independents, including a good number of party regulars across the board. I feel NYRA represents the political spectrum quite completely; I decidedly do not (as Co-Chair of the California Socialist Party, I have quite a partisan axe to grind).

NYRA has no links to Socialism aside from its Socialist members.