AP: Illegal aliens who shouldn't be here hardest hit by Katrina

The post "NYT: Devastating hurricane hits Gulf Coast; illegal aliens hardest hit" was such a big hit, let's now discuss the AP's "Illegal immigrants afraid to get storm aid" (link) from E. Eduardo Castillo:

Some sneak into shelters at night and then slip out in the morning, praying they won't be noticed. Others avoid government help altogether, preferring to ride out the chaos and destruction alone in a foreign land... For illegal immigrants, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has meant not only living without a home, money or belongings, but also steering clear of the government officials who have flocked to the area, for fear of deportation...

Now, let's pause here for our "liberal" visitors, who are busy building up their strawman arguments.

First of all, please engage whatever critical facilities you have, and read the article. Note also the inescapable fact that the reporter is Hispanic. Now, do you think this article qualifies as pro-illegal immigration propaganda? Isn't this article like something you'd read from a group that favors illegal immigration?

Since that's probably not too clear to "liberals", let's try this: do you think Katrina and other disasters give groups a chance to push their own agendas? So, for instance, some libertarian group might point to the Katrina aftermath as an example of why we need a smaller, leaner government.

Likewise, do you think the AP is taking advantage of Katrina to push their own pro-illegal immigration agenda? Sure, the article does have news in it, but, isn't it correct to say it's written from a certain mindset? Unless you want to be intellectually dishonest, you're going to have to admit that this is indeed pro-illegal immigration propaganda.

Now, dear "liberals", let's think for a moment what's the best way to prevent things like those described in the article from happening.

Is it to give illegal aliens all or many of the same rights as legal residents and citizens?

Can you think what would happen if we did that?

C'mon, really think this through. Think hard!

Yes, that's right. If we did that, we'd have millions more illegals come here, and they'd be even more of a drain on our country than they now are.

On the other hand, if there were no illegal aliens in the U.S., none of this would be an issue. Wouldn't that be the best solution of all? Isn't that the adult, grown-up, American way to do things?

Remember: millions of illegal aliens in the U.S., problems like those in the article. No illegal aliens in the U.S., no problems like those in the article.

So, while we shouldn't deny emergency aid to illegal aliens now, in order to avoid problems in the future, we need to start reducing the numbers of illegal aliens here.

Really, think hard about this. Think things through, and imagine what all the side effects of your decisions are.

If you don't do that, well, you end up looking like a "liberal".


"favors illegal immigration"

Instead I would say they seek to downplay or excuse it -- i.e. the 'They're not really criminals' way of looking at it. Most of this 'Let's acknowledge their presence and the impracticality of deporting all of them and do the decent thing' crowd would stop short of actually advocating (more of) it. Yet given the lax or non-enforcemennt at the border, not to mention in the interior, one could argue there is little practical difference, as tolerating it will only encourage more of it.

"please engage whatever critical facilities you have"

Clyde didn't follow directions.

What an idiot

As usual, the Lonewacko echos my sentiments exactly. I'm so disgusted with the preferential treatment given illegal aliens. When will this stop? I try to educate as many people as I can on this issue. It is the biggest problem America faces today. Bush and the rest of the government (federal, state and local) are all catering to illegals, and screwing over American citizens in the process. Talk about traitors to the constitution.
I hate to see this country I, and so many others love, go down the tubes.