Montgomery County's Douglas Duncan paying price for supporting illegal immigration

From WaPo's "Gang Attacks, County Troubles Cloud Duncan's Introduction to Md. Voters":
It wasn't the kind of summer Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan had in mind when he set out to introduce himself to the rest of Maryland as their best hope for governor.

Duncan's strategy to defeat Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley for the Democratic nomination next year has been to match his rival's telegenic glamour by presenting himself as the man of substance. His calling card is his 11 years at the helm of The County That Works.

But this summer, he has had to contend with gang violence and a planning department in which documents were altered to cover up violations by developers...
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[The summer's events underscore how much Montgomery has changed since Duncan was first elected county executive in 1994. "We have more diversity, we have more poverty, we have more urbanization,"...]

[The 1990 Census showed that nearly 77 percent of the county was white; in 2000, the figure was less than 65 percent.]

And today?

[Those changes were writ large for many county residents with the Aug. 5 knife attacks at Springbrook High School in the Colesville area and at a Target store in Wheaton. Police, who have connected the bloodshed to Latino gangs, have charged 12 teenagers and young men with attempted murder and assault.]

The usual: rapid population growth caused by (mostly non-white) immigration ("diversity") is directly associated with a rise in poverty, the worst sort of violent gang-related crime, and the kind of open space destroying "urbanization" that any community should fear (check out LA). This is repeated over and over again -- the pattern should be clear. And yet still you have politicians talking soft over the obvious presence of large numbers of illegals, and even doing things -- like funding hiring halls -- to facilitate their presence (which will only attract more).