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Bank Calumet giving home loans to illegal aliens is protested

Indiana's Bank Calumet gives home loans to illegal aliens. On Saturday, about 15 Americans protested outside one of their branches:
Organized by the Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement, the protest drew honks and shouts of encouragement as well as jibes and insults from people driving past...

[The leader of the protest] accused the bank of aiding and abetting illegal immigration by extending such loans, which allow a borrower to use Internal Revenue Service-issued Individual Taxpayer Identification Number on loan applications in place of a Social Security number...

Bank Calumet Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Cal Bellamy, contacted by phone Saturday, said the bank respected the protesters' right to express their opinions.

"What makes the community strong, people can disagree about that, but Bank Calumet is coming down on the side of home ownership," he said...
Awww. Why, you could almost say he's a humanitarian, as he gives home loans to people who under our laws shouldn't be in our country.

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