The Democratic Party isn't serious: Ray Buckley of New Hampshire on illegal aliens

As further proof that many of those in the Democratic Party just aren't up to the task of leadership, consider the case of Ray Buckley, vice chairman of New Hampshire's Democratic Party. Responding to the arrest of illegal aliens in that state on trespassing laws, he plays the race card:
...Buckley was quoted in Sunday's State House Dome column as saying that New Ipswich Police Chief W. Garret Chamberlain and Hudson Chief Richard Gendron "are trying to scare the bejesus out of brown-skinned people who are minding their own business."

When we called to ask if he could elaborate, he said that the chiefs targeted Hispanics because the chiefs are racist.

...Ray Buckley has a history of saying outrageous things, but this just might take the cake. Buckley's only evidence of "racism" is the arrest of a few illegal immigrants. Moreover, our porous borders are an obvious national security threat...

That it is a concern the No. 2 official in the state Democratic Party does not share says plenty about the party's priorities.


I questioned Buckley on this and here's his reply. He protests his innocence:

1. I never called anyone a racist.
2. I do not support allowing any illegal alien anywhere in America.
3. I have a two decade record of support for the law enforcement community in my city and state as an elected official.
4. I strongly support increased border support.
5. I strongly support the arrest and deportation of any illegal alien.
6. I strongly support the prosecution of anyone who employs, harbors, transports or entices illegal aliens to America.
7. I understand that illegal aliens come from everywhere, from Ireland, Canada, France, the UK, and Mexico and many other counrties too. I support treating illegal aliens from all countries exactly the same.

(All of this was clearly explained to the Union Leader editorial writer.)

But what I do not support is the perceived profiling by two small town police chiefs on the Massachusetts border.

New Hampshire is an overwhelmingly white state, one can go months without seeing a single nonwhite person in certain areas in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is certainly not being overrun by illegal aliens from Mexico. In order for those two small town police chiefs (whose actions have been deemed not legal by a NH judge) to arrest those numbers of Mexican illegal aliens in their towns it is illogical to believe that they found them by any other manner other than to pull over every perceived Latino driving through their small towns. There are simply not enough people of color in their towns for any other possibilty.

New Hampshire is a wonderful state, welcoming of diverse interests and cultures but these two chiefs have sent a frightening message across the nation that says that if you are other than white and you come to New Hampshire to vacation, for business, or think about moving here to raise your family you should expect to be pulled over by the police.

That is NOT the message of my state, or representative of the people or our law enforcement community.

Keeping illegal aliens from working or living in New Hampshire is an entirely different issue than searching small town NH for anyone who is not white for a publicity stunt.

As the proud uncle of both a nine year old African American niece and four year old Hispanic niece I am particularly aware of ensuring that these two beautiful young girls never feel that this is not their state too. I will do everything I can to protect them from two publicity starved renegade small town police chiefs.

I am not sure what state you are from, or who you are, but I hope that this email clarifies the situation and I would also caution you from trusting what you read in Union Leader newspaper editorials.

I encourage you to focus your efforts in helping the victims of the Katrina tragedy.

Raymond Buckley