Over half of WND readers support Bush's impeachment

WorldNetDaily is running a poll, asking their readers to vote whether they support Pat Buchanan's call to impeach Bush over illegal immigration.

At post time, with over 2000 votes counted, over half support impeaching Bush.

Now, of course, no internet poll is completely accurate, and some are completely inaccurate. However, the WND poll asks for an email address, thereby making it slightly more difficult to rig.

Note the results of a similar poll I conducted (the-lonewacko-blog.redstate.org/story/2005/8/26/15454/9101).

11 said "Yes, impeach". 10 said "No". And, 11 selected "No, it would backfire". The options I offered are not as rich as the ones offered by WND. Note that you need to register at redstate to vote there, making that also slightly more difficult to rig. And, note that, as with all my other diary entries there, that post was not elevated to appearing on their front page, so only those who read the diary section saw it.

Note also that RS is the home of one or more people connected with the GOP...


"impeach Bush over illegal immigration"

If that's not enough, throw in the Iraq war.