Arizona Daily Star drops Ann Coulter; "liberal" bloodlust not sated

mmfa reacts to ann coulter daily star

Ann Coulter's column has been dropped by the Arizona Daily Star. About the only good thing that can be said about that paper is that they aren't quite as "liberal" as the AZ Republic.

Apparently she was too "shrill" for some of their readers, whose sensibilities were offended. Some of those readers included conservatives. Or, at least, people who said they were conservatives:

Finally, we've decided that syndicated columnist Ann Coulter has worn out her welcome. Many readers find her shrill, bombastic and mean-spirited. And those are the words used by readers who identified themselves as conservatives.

Now, surely, our fine "liberal" friends should be familiar with COINTELPRO, infiltrators, false flag operations, and the like. Hmmm...

Be that as it may, as the graphic illustrates, the Soros-funded Media Matters for America has not had its bloodlust sated by this move, prefering instead to begin the persecution of her replacement on the pages of the Daily Star, Tony Snow.


Anne has been peddling the same schtick -- smart mouth in a mini-skirt, sexy outrageousness, the "babe" of bombast -- since she was a 19 year old at Dartmouth. Almost a quarter of a century later, she's still haunting college campuses and entertaining the same sophmoric crowd with the same sophmoric nonsense, only now, as the sex appeal fades, she's trying to hang on a few more years beyond the natural lifespan for this kind of thing by REALLY going over the top with her rhetoric. Trouble is, 25 different ways to tell liberals to die isn't enough to save her from the pathetic fact that she is now old enough to be the average member of her fan base's MOTHER. And nobody wants to see their mother in a mini-skirt, no matter how fast and furious she is with the liberal bashing quips and one liners. What's cute coming from the mouth of a 23 year old, is just crude from the mouth of a 40-something. Once a smart mouthed woman is too long in the tooth, she stops being a "babe" and just becomes a bitch.

If Coulter had spent the last quarter of a century doing anything real that could have helped her gain wisdom and maturity (and broadened her political perspective beyond the prejudices she heard expressed at the family dinner table)-- committing to a marriage, raising a family, building a business, serving honorably in a profession, working in the cause of something beyond her own immediate desire for attention -- she might have learned something real and and important about life, this country and her fellow citizens. Doing that, she might even have developed into a genuine writer. Someone with something to say that many people could respect.

Instead, she has been a self-parodying clown. A clown who claims on the one hand that women shouldn't have the right to vote (because they're not smart enough), yet, on the other hand, expects her political opinions to be taken seriously.

As any feminist could have told her -- "babehood" never really lasts beyond 40. You can't coast on it forever -- and any woman who builds a life on little more than that is guaranteed to be up a creek by 50, with, perhaps, if she's not totally forgotten,
some notoriety, but without any real respect.

If she couldn't handle being a real grown-up woman, Anne should have done what so many of her pals in the "Independent Woman's Forum" did -- join the rich Republicans' third wives club.

Now it may be way too late for that.

Wow, you've been pwned by your own echo chamber. Time for you to kill yourself. K?

Hopefully, the media will lose Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly soon. These people are all motivated by one thing: themselves, themselves,and themselves.

They don't speak for anybody: they just speak for themselves. They are narcissistic sociopaths. Why on earth should the media give them a voice? And why would anybody pay any attention to their rantings? Shun them, they'll go away. They may even commit crimes as they get desperate for attention, like Rush with his pill-popping habit. Still, ignore them.

These people do not even qualify as human beings. They are nasty, pathetic, small-minded, little, creatures. They deserve nothing but contempt. They'll try to sting you as you cast them away, but they'll lose. In the end, people can differentiate betweem tiny pests and cholera.

"About the only good thing that can be said about that paper is that they aren't quite as "liberal" as the AZ Republic." - huh? The AZ Daily Star used to be the liberal (morning) rag in Southern AZ, but the corporate ownership decided that the conservative rag (AZ Citizen) didn't have enough readers, so they "Balanced-it" - go figure. Anyway, the Republic has always been RW - never liberal - and its the main reason AZ is sooooo conservative.
Maybe they'll lose Michelle M next - one can only hope for ID intervention!

Ann is just plain looney. If she added to the political debate in this country instead of calling for the killing of liberals and other obsurdities maybe she would be worth defending. It's a good thing Ann is hot, otherwise no one would listen to a word of her crazy blood lust for violence against those who dare stand up to the GOP.

When will conservatives take back their party? Maybe real conservatives have had enough of the neo-Bushies and their two face "superior morality" policies.

Ann Coulter is indeed shrill and mean-spirited. She is also an attention-seeking whore. If no one paid attention to her unhinged rantings, she would have disappeared from the scene eons ago.

Ann Coulter is about Ann Coulter. She'll say and write anything that gets her quoted. There is a name for that disease: narcissism.

So, you're saying Ann Coulter is a VICTIM? I thought con's were against the VICTIM mentality? Why doesn't she just accept responsibility for her actions?

Coulter and her ilk dish it out, but you guys CANNOT take it! In the words of Bil O'Leilly, "Shut up!"

"Apparently she was too "shrill" for some of their readers,"

I would prefer to use the word 'cunt'.

Coulter is, of course, a noted champion of freedom of expression. After all, she's the one who had no problem with McVeigh but wished he had picked a different target, the New York Times building, rather than the Murrah.

Hmm just like the truth twisters you so lovingly imitate-you didn't tell the WHOLE STORY. The paper's editor was quoted as saying about the source of the adjectives as " and these are people who call themselves conservative."
Fuckin' Jerk.

Perhaps Coulter was dropped because too Americans are finally sick of the Chicken Hawks in the roost.

Their motto: Let others do the dying while the Chicken Hawks like the bush friends cash in.

If they had conviction or principle, they goose step down to their local recruiter. But that would take courage, which a Chicken Hawk has none of.

bok bok bok, Chicken Hawk

Maybe they dropped that guy Ann Coulter because he's an effen pathological liar like Bush and Rice and Cheney... .and you.

"Now, surely, our fine "liberal" friends should be familiar with COINTELPRO, infiltrators, false flag operations, and the like."

This is so wrong, in so many ways. COINTELPRO was a sucessful (and illegal) tool of the right, which as Coulter has reminded us so many times, has no problem resorting to violence. And it appears as if the right is reviving these oh so unconstitutional tactics again. So tell me, what the hell does the left have to do with COINTELPRO? Oh wait, I get it, you mean becuase a few liberals might have said they are conservatives? Hmm, yeah, that seems on par with the illegal activities of the FBI.

Fool. Go read a book or something before you post such nonsense.

The discussion of Ann Coulter must include her readers. While riding a train a few months ago, I saw a man reading "How to Talk to a Liberal". The man was dressed well, middle aged, reasonably intelligent looking. I pondered why a man like that would read an author like Coulter.

Even fans should recognize that Ann is one of the leading practitioners of eliminationist rhetoric. Note her comments about going after liberals with a baseball bat, or that Timothy McVain's only mistake was not going after the New York Times building.

As a Jew, I am sensitive to eliminationist rhetoric as it is so frequently aimed at me. Also, historically, the eliminationist rhetoric is frequently followed by actual baseball bats.

It certainly isn't funny.

Funny. When Conservatives are taken to task for their lies, you call it persecution. If you all didn't lie so much, there wouldn't be a need for Media Matters.

If you're going to throw invective based on inuendo, rumors and lies, as Ann Coulter is fond of doing, you should expect to be slapped down from time to time. Ann needs someone to teach her some manners, but I'm afraid she's beyond retraining.

God you are pathetic! Newspapers hire and fire columnists all the they no longer have that right you miserable fascist?