The Dallas Morning News' "best thinking" isn't good enough

The DMN joins the long line of papers and pundits who've taken the opportunity lately to push for immigration "reform". As I pointed out here, all of these editorials seem to follow the same pattern and offer the same advice. The DMN is no different in "Feeling the Heat: Citizens are pushing the immigration fight":

...When Congress reconvenes after Labor Day, it will have some very good ideas in front of it for how to fix this mess. Our best thinking is to start with Arizona Sen. John McCain's guest worker program, which would allow foreign workers to apply for two three-year visas, and combine it with some of Texas Sen. John Cornyn's border security ideas, such as investing in more cameras...

Sounds comfy! A little of one amnesty, a little of another. But, whatever you do, don't even consider the revolutionary idea of simply enforcing our current laws.

Obviously, the Dallas Morning News' "best thinking" just isn't good enough.