Vsya Vlast' Nerdam: Linux big hit in tiny socialist state

Apparently the key to widespread adoption of Linux has been discovered: spread world socialism, and the penguin will follow.

From "Linux thrives in left-leaning Kerala":
Kerala, a tiny coastal state in south India, is a site of significant popularity of free software and GNU/Linux. What lessons can Kerala teach other areas about using free and open source software?

Kerala, as a state, is strongly grounded in principles of socialism. Most of the educated middle class is leftist, at least in principle. The state is credited with a near 100% literacy rate and better social statistics than most of the rest of the country. And all this is reflected in a spirit among the people to question any decision imposed on them. They resent lack of choices, and by extension, oppose monopolies. What better fuel for an open source/free software movement to thrive on than a society like this?
As can be expected, what's needed is a vanguard of right-minded revolutionaries. Only with their help can the peasants be educated and the countryside electrified:
...One lesson that is obvious from most of the above is that the key to promoting the adoption of Linux is to take it to the masses in a manner they understand. Present it to them, highlighting tangible benefits. Make it easy for them to move. Prepare migration paths mentored by professionals. Train them at nominal costs. And always strive to create not users, but 'missionaries.' Today, a state, tomorrow, a country, next year, the world!