When do-gooder do more harm than good

While there have been cases where "liberals" have actually done more good than harm, in many cases it's the opposite. A case in point is those groups that provide water stations in the desert for "migrants". From "Arizona residents grow weary of dealing with illegal immigration":
...children's book author Byrd Baylor, 81, believes it's her duty to help. She owns the 35 acres of land where No More Deaths, a coalition of volunteers that offers humanitarian aid to illegal immigrants, has its summer camp. Originally from San Antonio and a member of the Baylor mining family, she said it's obvious that the border policy has to change.

"My policy right now is just to keep people from dying who don't have a reason to die โ€“ just because they're crossing the border," Ms. Baylor said.
Her policy should be to prevent illegal immigration in the first place. That would be much more effective than in effect helping that to occur.

Before printing her "liberal" remarks, that article has the thoughts of other area residents who are tired of the trash and the large groups of "migrants" asking for stuff.


Notice, however, that a lot of do-gooders like to promote infinite good works just as long as the often not-so-good fall-out from these good works doesn't land anywhere near them, their families, and their neighborhood. We've coined a phrase - "chicken hawks" - for people who are willing to fight to the last drop of other people's blood. I call these do-gooders "saints elsewhere". They want to be perceived as "saints" but to be "elsewhere" when the downside of their saintly works shows up. For instance, I'd really love to know how close the advocates of setting up the Herndon VA day laborer site will be living to the neighborhood where it will be situated.

When the dogooder does harm rather than good he is known to be an evildoer.