Pro-American church leaders needed

The following religious leaders will be in Nogales on Monday, August 29 to push for immigration "reform":

- Dr. David Elcott, U.S. Director of Interreligious Affairs of the American Jewish Committee;
- Dr. Bob Edgar, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches;
- Elder Rick Ufford-Chase, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, USA;
- Gideon Aronoff, Vice President of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society;
- Rev. Lori Sauder, Executive Council, United Church of Christ;
- Ethan Felson, Asst. Director, Jewish Council of Public Affairs;
- Rev. Jan Flaaten, Exec. Dir of the Arizona Ecumenical Council;
- Father Raul Travizo, Vicar for Hispanic Ministries

According to Elcott: "Criminal immigrant smuggling gangs, vigilante violence and the exploitation of undocumented migrants have made our borders dangerously unsafe... This country’s historic role as a safe haven for those coming to its shores is being seriously compromised."

I'm not aware of anything in our history like what's currently going on. I'm pretty sure that Ellis Island is quite a bit different from millions of people sneaking over our border. I'm also unaware of any biblical directive requiring one country to serve as a safety valve for the corrupt oligarchy of another country. Perhaps these "leaders" are just a bit confused.

The AJC strongly supports the need for bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform, alternative approaches to which are now pending in Congress. "Appropriately drafted legislation would improve national security through enhanced border security and effective enforcement, while protecting those most vulnerable in our society through earned legalization and increased worker protections," Elcott said.

Gosh, any chance that could be a reference to the McCain-Kennedy massive amnesty scheme?

It would be nice if someone would ask these loonies some of the questions in "How many open borders loons can dance on the head of a pin?" I don't think their stance would stand up to much scrutiny, but, as always, the main problem is finding someone who has the access and the courage to ask some tough questions.