Rumor: Border Patrol honcho fired

The following is a completely uncorroborated rumor:

August 27, 2005 - 12:05 pm PDT -- According to knowledgeable sources, following an internal investigation, Lee Morgan, the Border Patrol's head guy for policing corruption at the Douglas, Arizona, Border Patrol station, has been relieved of duty, and his badge, gun and vehicle taken from him. His replacement is Kevin Keeters. The BP is trying to keep a lid on this and don't want the media involved.

Now, see More straw, Tamar? A Jacoby column featured this quote from Morgan:

[BP Agent Lee Morgan] criticizes the apprehensions as a waste of time and resources. "They're just poor people trying to feed their families," he shrugs... "What if the bastards come across here in Arizona and I don't catch them because I'm so busy chasing a busboy or a gardener that I don't have time to do my job--my real job--catching terrorists?..."

As I pointed out in that post, he seemed to be the go-to-guy for pro-Bush Border Patrol quotes...

Of course, this rumor may turn out to be completely or partially false and I'll provide an update when more information is available.