Oops! Planned community gets tangible illegal immigration lesson

From "Trash woes piling up":
Splayed in the desert just south of I-10 along Rita Road is an unruly collection of backpacks, flannel shirts, coats, water bottles, soft-drink cans, pill packages, toothbrushes and toilet paper rolls.

Shredded black plastic trash bags are stripped across ocotillo and creosote bushes...

"Look how close we are to town," said K.C. Custer, a county environmental investigator, as he walked across the dump site lying across the interstate not far from the large Rita Ranch development. "That's what amazed me about this. It's getting worse. We used to find them only in remote areas."
Gosh, wasn't it nice when it was, you know, someone else's problem? Now even those in planned master communities aren't safe from the effects of "liberalism" and political corruption.

Pima County's solution? Spend money on new equipment and personnel to clean it up. Here's a better solution: start by replacing Superintendent Linda Arzoumanian and Ajo Unified School District Superintendent Robert Dooley with those who will take local action to discourage illegal immigration rather than encouraging it.