Orlando Sentinel supports "immigration reform". Why?

Is it because they're "liberals", or something else entirely? I'll leave it to you to speculate.

However, their editorial "OK guest-worker plan" barely tries to make sense, being instead just one canard after the other:

Fed up with federal inaction to stem illegal immigration and other crime along their states' borders with Mexico, the governors of Arizona and New Mexico recently declared law-enforcement emergencies.

Who's feeding what to whom? Are they taking advantage of the Dems' political show to promote "reform", or are the Dems intending their big show to promote "reform"? Who knows.

Clearly, it is past time for Congress to fix this country's broken immigration system.

Clearly, it's past time for the Open Borders lobby to stop using that talking point: they're starting to sound silly. A variant was last spotted here from David Brooks, and past instances start here.

More [illegal aliens] are slipping across the border every day, despite huge increases in money and manpower intended to stop them.

Oddly enough, here's what Brooks said last week:

Since 1986, we've tripled the number of Border Patrol agents and increased the enforcement budget 10 times over, but we haven't made a dent in the number of illegals who make it here.

Both statements are BS: while we may have more people on the border, we have almost zero interior enforcement. The solution to that would seem to be beefing up interior enforcement, no? Apparently not to the Orlando Sentinel.

The most sensible proposals would create a guest-worker program that would let immigrants who register with the government and pass background checks temporarily fill jobs unclaimed by Americans.

Yes, tell us more about those "temporary" "guest" workers. What happens when they have children who then are U.S. citizens? Will we be able to send them back home in that case, or will our "guests" be here to stay? And, should we really emulate other countries that have "guests", such as Saudi Arabia? "Guests" in Germany haven't worked out too well, perhaps we should learn from their folly.

And, of course, you can imagine what "unclaimed" means. If a previously higher-wage job is offered for minimum wage, it will probably go unclaimed by an American. But, there are millions of foreigners who'd do the job just to get a chance to come to the U.S. to stay.

I don't think the Orlando Sentinel is "liberal", I think something else is involved. Expect to see many similar editorials in the future. Thankfully, most people seem to be waking up to what's going on and I don't think they're going to buy what these people are trying to sell.


If it's like any number of other institutions which have been captured by the new left, the idea would be to choose issues so as to position oneself to say that anyone opposed is simply expressing racism or xenophobia. When it was the old left which dominated such places, they would have said that only those who want to oppress the working class could be opposed. When no rational arguments for an increase in offcial discretion, much less socialist revolution, are forthcoming, one can still use smears. Get the other side explaining how they're not what someone said they are, and no one will notice that there were supposed to be convincing arguments given.

Anyone who believes that a "guest worker" will remain a "guest" needs to wake up. You should realize that the "guest" will somehow become another permenate person here. Since they will also be able to bring their families in here what would be their incentive to go home. And just like now there will no one to make them go home. Lou Dobbs says there is approx. 20 illegal aliens already here in this country and they still don't have enought cheap labor? Will someone tell me what is the number when they have enough cheap labor here, when all of Mexico has come in here?