Another Carlsbad "Heckler's Veto"?

From "Mayor says Morrow to be billed for cops":
Mayor Bud Lewis said he is going to bill state Sen. Bill Morrow $100,000 for costs incurred to provide police protection during an illegal immigration forum Aug. 11.

Lewis said yesterday that when people use city resources, such as renting a hall or building and need additional security or police, they should pay for it.

"I don't think any public official should be getting off the hook for that," he said. "My council has expressed this as well. As soon as we get all the economics on this, we'll be billing him."
I'm sure the ACLU will be all over this. Note that Carlsbad backed down from their attempts to cancel the meeting, and so has the city mentioned in "Heckler's Veto used by Moorpark against Friends of the Border Patrol?"


I denounce the mayor for his antics here. Does he really value freedom of speech and freedom of assembly so little?