Can Father Andrew Greeley be safely ignored?

Yes, he can. Apparently in addition to being a Catholic priest he's also a sociologist and an author of potboilers.

And, he's also a smear artist, as the column "Bigots forget own immigrant roots" shows. You see, we who oppose illegal immigration have dehumanized illegal aliens (what we "bigots" call "vermin"), much like the Nazis did with Jews. In fact, the "feds are easing this country ever closer to a police state" in which "brown people" are "oppressed" and "persecuted." "Immigrants" have no legal rights. Etc., etc., etc.

My only question is, is this guy a pundit or some mumbling street person found in a Hollywood donut shop at 3am?


One might better say: follow the religiosity indicators; it is strictly obedience. Whatever magnifies the numbers of the poor and failing people is good for an institution which flourishes on piety. An illiterate flock is an obedient one. The good of the net taxpayer and of the citizen, and of civilization's progress are all very likely in conflict with the aggrandizement of such a religious organization. They must take some criticism for appearing to rejoice at the degradation of our minimum standards.

"Has the RC church wilted all the way back to its depraved dark age condition, when crazed priests celebrated barbarian invaders as the 'wrath of god' upon those who had dared to achieve literacy and moral worth?" John S Bolton

"Follow the money." Deep Throat

The RC church is paid handsomely by the US taxpayer for its work with immigrants and in resettling refugees in the US. As Tessio said in the Godfather Part I while trying to explain his planned hit on Michael Corleone, "It is strictly business."

As usual the smear machine revs up by projecting its own faults on to others. It is those who refuse to allow the immigrant or the illegal alien to blamed for what he does wrong, who dehumanize them. When we have a class of people who can't be blamed, we have reclassified them as subhuman, since they are permanently outside the circle of morally significant beings. How bigoted it is to put immigrants in a class to which morality does not apply. If immigrants are placed in a category without rights, but retaining only privileges on good behavior, that would be a huge step up in moral significance from what an all forgiving Greeley is prepared to acknowledge in them. How can it be wrong to punish immigrant's violations, but somehow right to punish the fat, selfish,racist, bigoted bourgeoisie, for not wanting to be taxed to breed the third world in their midst? Has the RC church wilted all the way back to its depraved dark age condition, when crazed priests celebrated barbarian invaders as the 'wrath of god' upon those who had dared to achieve literacy and moral worth?

Oddly, the case that Greely chooses to highlight involves someone accused of being a Kurdish separatist involved in the killing of two Turkish police officers. Since the US has never had a problem with Kurdish terrorism,this case no doubt involves State Department attempts to appease an uneasy ally with a restive population angry with the US because of the Iraq War. Greely could hardly have picked a more atypical case to represent the point that he was trying to illustrate. He must have liked the man's restaurant.

This sort of banality is common and is based on the root fallacy that there is no such thing as an American, which is, especially at this point in time, i.e. after more than two hundred years of national development, ridiculous. A nation is an ethno-cultural entity -- this is true around the world, including here in America. In this sense, the fundamental, historical ethno-cultural identity of America is clear, though some try hard to deny it.

I think "Father Greely" had better stick to writing his books and stay out of the business of promoting illegal aliens. Does the entire Catholic church suggest breaking our laws by advocating for illegal aliens or just some of them?

"Father" Greely is basically known as a writer of soft-core porn for a primarily female audience. As far as I know he has never been a parish priest:which is probably for the best.