Chris Cannon declines debate with Tom Tancredo

The news is in "Cannon declines debate with Colorado rival" from Robert Gehrke of The Salt Lake Tribune. Can you spot where Gehrke has made false or misleading statements in his report?
U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, known for his outspoken and sometimes outlandish views on immigration, will be in Utah later this month and agreed to debate his political rival, Rep. Chris Cannon.

Cannon says he has more pressing engagements - working on the irrigation system at his home.

Tancredo, a Colorado Republican and leading spokesman of the anti-immigration movement, was invited to the state by the group Utahns For Immigration Reform and Enforcement, or UFIRE, a group that battered Cannon over his immigration stance during his 2004 re-election bid.

He agreed to spend Aug. 24 to 25 in the state, making appearances in St. George, Provo and Salt Lake City. On behalf of UFIRE, Bluffdale City Councilwoman Martha Speed invited Cannon to debate Tancredo at an event in Provo on Aug. 24, but Cannon said he will be indisposed...
A cute joke from Cannon follows. As far as the completely non-cute news goes, start here for my coverage.


Cannon has nothing to gain by 'debating' Tancredo, something that is usually between opponents in a campaign.

Tancredo is only against ilegal immigration? How come the media doesn't want us to know? Is he so outlandish as not to believe that America's custom is mass antimerit immigration, and has been for centuries? How odd that 75% of the people in America believe something so outlandish, as to want to reduce immigration.