Judicial Watch vs. Herndon, VA and "Project Hope and Harmony"

With a name like "Project Hope and Harmony" it can't be good, and it isn't. The city of Herndon, VA wants to commit public resources - money and land - to build a day laborer site. As previously discussed here, the vast majority of those laborers are illegal aliens.

Now, Judicial Watch is threatening legal action against the town unless they scrap their plans:
...Judicial Watch's clients' concerns are numerous, but center on the use of taxpayer resources, including town property and county funds, to facilitate illegal activity. An official Fairfax County study concluded that 85% of "day laborers" lacked legal documentation permitting lawful employment. The proposal before the Town of Herndon entails committing public funds and resources to facilitate the illegal employment of undocumented aliens - a crime. Federal immigration laws make it illegal to "encourage or induce an alien come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law." 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv). Federal immigration laws also make it unlawful to aid or abet the commission of such acts. 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(v)(II)...

"Public officials cannot commit taxpayer's funds and public resources in furtherance of a crime - no matter how well-intentioned," stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. "Any attempt by Herndon or Fairfax officials to aid and abet criminal conduct with taxpayer money will be met with swift, strong legal action on the part of Judicial Watch and our clients," Fitton added.
UPDATE: The city's planning commission voted against building the site. On August 16th the city's Town Council will vote on the matter.


Send an email to Herndon mayor Michael O'Reilly and let this douchebag know what you think about this outrageous waste of public money! His email address is mike.oreilly@herndon-va.gov.

Ralph must be the biggest scrotum bag I've ever met on the Internet. It's because of extremists like him that this great country is slowly but surely going down the toilet due to the invasion of illegal immigrants. He just doesn't get it. The vast majority in this country is fed up with immigration laws not being enforced. I absolutely agree with Steven that, sadly, it will probably get to the point where citizens have to take this matter in their own hands since our elected officials have sold us out to the ever-growing group of future Latino voters that are spreading faster than cancer. But, on the bright side, it will be worth watching when we kick their sorry asses out of OUR country!

I heard the coverage on WMAL for a little bit. I'm a minority born in this country from Filipino immigrants that came here legally for a better life. It look my mom 14 years until she became a citizen.

Seeing this situation, I have no sympathy for these illegal aliens squatting in Herndon. I had an internship near that area and I have seen it first hand. As much as you can call it a stereotype, yes I saw all Hispanics there. What's worse is that they're creating a stigma against their people that are here, take their oppurtunities for jobs, do the same type of jobs, but are here legally. Also, they have the same tendancies to do crimes in this country. But what can we do if we can't extradite when they decide to go back to their country? Would MS-13 still be up and running as a gang if illegals were sent back to their country?

If they're concerned about their health outside and want to make a center for them, then those that want this center should be opened to letting them stay on their own property. They "fight" for their "rights" even if they have no rights in this country, and won't provide the bucks for their causes. Where's the generosity in that?

Border patrol is a big problem in this country. In terms of economics and security it's a problem. Hopefully stopping them in Herndon is a small step in solving the problem that for some reason cannot be simply solved by seeking out and deporting people that are here illegally.

As a daughter of an immigrant, married to a South American immigrant, the proposal to build taxpayer funded housing in Herndon, VA is ridiculous and must be illegal and so says my husband and many other legals in this country. These folks are here illegally; we have enough people from many parts of the world already in this country who can work; if not we can hire (by contract) to various countries (I know they already have big contracts with some European countries); expenses would be lower -- you would not have women having baby after baby; bringing their illegal elderly sickly parents here and getting benefits that we are not entitled to as hard-working Americans. Our schools resemble trailor parks; hospitals are in trouble. Our elderly citizens have choices of food or rent or medicine; while illegals can have baby after baby; get free medical care -- has this Government gotten off track - where is the Justice ?

When will somebody get the backbone to stand up to this issue -- for once and all -- and say NO.. If urinating in public is a problem, issue tickets; bothering women, issue tickets; have the police do what they would to any segment of society in this country.

"if an illegal has a child here in America that child is an instant American citizen. What genius came up with that law?"

It's the Constitution

What this country really needs is some politicians to make being illegal really illegal in this country. That way the police officers could send them home.

Keep choking on the water from that fire-hose ralphie old bean....LOL ;-)

Day labor site for illegal aliens. What is wrong with these people?!! Last I was aware, this country of mine is America, not NORTH MEXICO. We have laws here to prevent this sort of thing. If the laws already on the books were to be enforced, American kids would have these jobs instead of illegal aliens. And the kicker here, if an illegal has a child here in America that child is an instant American citizen. What genius came up with that law? Insane.
In my opinion, all Americans should take it upon themselves to enforce the laws of the land. If Uncle Sam won't protect us lets protect ourselves. Then maybe the Government will see that we Americans won't stand for it and do something CONSTRUCTIVE instead of DESTRUCTIVE for the country. And President Bush wants to grant them all amnesty. Who voted for this whacko?!!! It sure wasn't me.

"The purpose of the endeavor is not to aid in committing a crime but to provide an out of the way place and an orderly manner for day laborers and contractors to hook up."
Actually the purpose of the endeavor is to locate the day laborer site in somebody else's neighborhood. Put a day laborer site in the immediate neighborhood of every member of the board who voted in favor of the site. Let THEM and their immediate neighbors deal with the problems. Then take a second vote in about 6 months.

O well if illegal immigrants have babies at taxpayer expense, then it must be ok for you to do it too so go right ahead. But promise me that if you see someone jumping off a bridge, talk to your therapist before immitating that behavior too.

"taxpayer money"

Why would you have a problem with that? Illegal immigrants have babies at taxpayer expense all the time, most of them are Hispanic, and data shows a Hispanic is, on average, a lot more likely to turn out to be a murderer than my kid.

"If I had a kid he might turn out to be a murderer"

Well, let's hope you don't use taxpayer money to accomplish that.

If I had a kid he might turn out to be a murderer.

Or an idiot.

Using public funds to pave a road enables people to speed.

Not (nearly) exclusively, i.e. with that sole intent, as such a hiring center does. Or isn't that obvious? As obvious as the complete mischaracterization of this post in your first comment.

Until now, I never was quite sure what a "troll" was, but I'm starting to get an idea.

Paving a road would also help illegal aliens commit their crimes.

It = putting up some kind of employment center (potentially) facilitates lawbreaking because most of the 'day laborers' are in fact illegal immigrants, which therefore means it is against the law to employ them. The post is quite clear about that:

"An official Fairfax County study concluded that 85% of 'day laborers' lacked legal documentation permitting lawful employment."

So it's an inappropriate use of taxpayer money, period. If some Home Depot in the area wants to set something up in their parking lot, let 'em. But government should not be involved, except maybe to show up to check the papers of those loitering there looking for work.

The purpose of the endeavor is not to aid in committing a crime but to provide an out of the way place and an orderly manner for day laborers and contractors to hook up. To argue that it is aiding crime because some of the contractors might not be properly licensed and bonded is ridiculous.

No more day labor sites for illegal aliens any community that has them deserves to get sued and those city officials who allow illigal day labor sites to operate in their areas should face dismisal from office