Rep. Jim Kolbe, welcome to irony!

Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) is one of the co-sponsors of the Kennedy-McCain mass amnesty.

About a week ago he seems to have learned the meaning of irony: his house was burglarized by a group of people who they assume are willing workers on their way to the jobs that Americans used to won't do:

...the burglars focused on fixing a snack and getting cleaned up. Kolbe's microwave showed signs of recent use, as did his shower. Officers found wet towels piled up in the bathroom... Before leaving the house, they took a snack and a change of clothes...

They didn't take any of his big-ticket items, but maybe next time they'll leave some trash behind or do all the other things that the little people on the border that Kolbe doesn't care about have become used to.

For the pro-borders alternative, see Randy Graf. That site has much more on Kolbe.