Si, El Presidente

Want to see something disturbing? Go to the RNC web site at and click on their "photo gallery", which is one of the three links above the main picture on the front page. Notice anything... odd about all six of those pictures? Details here.

Obviously, if almost everyone in the pictures were black or Asian it would be more noticeable for most; if almost everyone were white it would result in "liberal" outrage.

Now, let's go a little further... Got the box ready? Extra-strength? OK, take out a few feet, then double it over and snug it down. Snug it down even more! OK, now we're ready.

Recall, of course, that "P." is "Hispanic". And, recall that Bush is a strong supporter of things like CAFTA, FTAA, NAFTA, and all the other plans designed to "integrate" the U.S. with the other countries in the hemisphere. Make sure your hat is snugged down tight, then recall that the Bush family tends to think long-term. If they had the opportunity to be a hemispheric dynasty, would they turn it down?

And, here's another interesting thing to think about: what happens if the Republicans' supposed plan to convert all those millions of Hispanic "immigrants" to GOP voters goes south, and most of them continue to support Democrats.

Would George P. Bush have an Arianna Huffington-style change of heart and decide to run as a Democrat? After all, to most people power trumps ideology, right?


Stay away from that that website, it has the odor of dull-witted Stalinist propaganda about it.

This post is kind of meaningless. If the photos had been with only whites, I doubt there would have been much outrage (unlike what lonewacko and Joe Guzzardi think).

Joe Guzzardi is a good guy, but his post on Vdare sounds like something Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton would whine about.

I agree with Ralph, this is whining.

"This insulting collection makes it painfully clear to American whites, blacks and Asians: as far as George W. Bush is concerned, we do not count."