Tell your representatives: no on CAFTA

Apparently Bush is holding a secret meeting this morning at 9am Eastern time to promote CAFTA. A vote on that could come today or this week. Details in "President calls secret meeting to pitch CAFTA". Expect the BushBots to pull out all the stops for their leader.

Please send a free FAX to your representatives and urge them to vote no. Less effectively, you can send an email here.

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UPDATE: See this too. Also see "N.C. GOP not buying trade deal". The picture of Our Leader with one of the lead is priceless.

UPDATE 2: See CAFTA Guts All "Buy American" Laws: A New Green Light for Outsourcing and "Hidden in the 2,400 pages of CAFTA".

UPDATE 3: Welcome to North America, citizen. "In Bush Win, House Narrowly Approves CAFTA". About the only silver lining is that some of those who voted for this in exchange for pork might go hungry: "The Doubtful Deals Driving CAFTA". The final roll call is here.


See this article above on CAFTA by Niranjan Ramakrishnan: How the West was Lost - CAFTA and the Disassembling of America.

Some of the more outrageous aspects of CAFTA
LORI WALLACH, PUBLIC CITIZEN: Any violation of 1,000 pages of international law imposed on us is taken to an international tribunal, not U.S. courts, where if the U.S. does not conform its law, we face perpetual trade sanctions. It's a huge attack on our sovereignty and our democracy.

SYLVESTER: If a local community passed a law to limit urban sprawl, it could be challenged under CAFTA by a foreign investor who wants to build. States with buy American laws that give preference to local companies could be asked to reverse those laws. Even U.S. immigration laws and visa requirements could be considered a violation under CAFTA.

Any company wishing to come into the United States, and either start a business or complete a contract, can bring their employees in from the country of origin. Even if our visa system is -- or even if our visa quota is full.

Too late, CAFTA was passed by the House today and is now on its way to President Bush's desk to be signed.

Oh, well. I guess all politicians bow before big business and their demands.