Does the AP publish in-flight, pro-cheap labor magazines?

I'm wondering because of the article "Migrant workers' children savor summer school" (also here) from David Crary of the Associated Press.

The article contains this rather curious sentence:

For all the debate over immigration policy, the nationwide migrant education program represents a notable, bipartisan commitment to assisting these nomadic, low-income families whose labor is vital to U.S. farming.

If the AP wasn't (more or less) a respectable news outlet, I might think this was an in-flight magazine advertorial supporting massive illegal immigration and cheap, exploitable labor.

By the way, AP, who exactly is picking up the tab for this "cheap" labor? It's certainly not their employers. The article describes the Dickensian lifestyle of these migrant workers, but, oddly enough, it doesn't go into whether the farmers who employ them are basically ripping the rest of us off.

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A touching story. May God bless those children and their families.