Illegal aliens get discounted college; 82,000 Americans denied state grants

The Houston Chronicle discusses the discounted college educations that illegal aliens get in Texas schools: "More illegal immigrants in colleges".

More indeed. Texas changed its laws to allow those here illegally to get in-state college educations in 2001. Since that time, there's been a ninefold increase in the number of illegal aliens in Texas getting that discount:

State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio, who co-sponsored the Texas legislation, said she's pleased to see the strong enrollment patterns.


Late last year, the state comptroller reported that more than 82,000 freshmen were denied state grants because there was not enough money for all eligible students.

Nothing else needs to be said.


You know we need to start putting up posters. There should be two posters to this campaign. Both would show kids represented by every color and race. On one of them the kids are all laughing and smiling and on the other the others look sad. On the smiling one it says underneath "Thanks to your country, I got to fulfill my dreams of a college education, even though I am illegal. I get to pay in-state tuition." On the poster of the kids who are looking sad it would say "There were not enough in-state tuition slots. Some went to illegal immigrant children. My dreams have to wait."

Let the general public see these posters and every legal immigrant along with American citizens will have a mental picture they will not forget. Visuals are very effective.

These politicians want more aggression against the taxpayers and more conflict between groups, in order to maximize their power. If the existing population is not bad enough to intensify these conflicts, bring in foreign criminals, would be their assumption.

Disgusting! This just shows how far off the track this country is when they place illegal aliens ahead of our own American citizens. And the politicians seem to be most in favor of giving all these advantages to these illegal aliens.