HR 2092: Sheila Jackson Lee's Open Borders bill

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) has introduced HR 2092, the "Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act". It's little more than an attempt to remove the border as we know it.

It would legalize illegal aliens who've lived here for more than five years. They'd need to have good moral character, so (I guess) many gang members would be excluded. An illegal alien who's over 18 would need to perform 40 hours of community service to become legal. I guess paying a nominal fee unlike as proposed with other massive amnesties was considered too mean-spirited, or perhaps Lee thought that might not have the full magnetic effect to bring as many millions of illegal aliens here as possible.

Employers couldn't discriminate against someone who's here illegally: that would be an unfair labor practice.

And, she'd double the number of "family reunion" visas, also known as "bring in the old folks so they can collect welfare and vote for others of our race" visas.

I'm sure there are many other wacky ideas in the bill, but that should be enough.

She has 20 co-sponsors. From California come:
Rep Bob Filner [CA-51]
Rep Michael M. Honda [CA-15]
Rep Barbara Lee [CA-9]
Rep Juanita Millender-McDonald [CA-37]
Rep Diane E. Watson [CA-33]

The People's Weekly World has more in "Immigrant rights are civil rights, meeting says".

Others joing Sheila Jackson Lee and that Communist rag at the meeting included:
* Odilia Romero of the Frente Indigena Oaxaqueno Binacional
* Marta Campos of the San Jose-based Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network
* Rev. Phil Lawson, retired pastor of the Easter Hill United Methodist Church
* Lillian Galedo of Filipinos for Affirmative Action
* Lamoin Werlein-Jaen of UNITE HERE Local 2
* Diane Tellefson of the United Farm Workers (also pimped AgJobs)
* labor journalist David Bacon
While it's easy to laugh about things like this, it should make anyone angry that people like Rep. Lee have any political power whatsoever.