"Unassimilated immigrants put nation at risk"

From GA State Rep. Mark Burkhalter (R-Alpharetta):
...Immigration is not a bad thing. This country was founded as a melting pot of English, Irish, Scotch and later German, Italian, Asian and other legal immigrants. Those immigrants took pride in becoming Americans.

The problem with immigration today is that few who settle here are eager to earn citizenship. At the same time, illegal aliens drain our social programs, including Medicaid, Georgia's greatest fiscal challenge.

Too many of our new immigrants don't know a thing about American history, values or culture. In some cases they are only here to earn money to send back to their countries. Others are here to plot evil against us for embracing free markets, free speech, free assembly and freedom of religion.

In a speech to Congress in the early days of our nation, James Madison said that Americans should welcome immigrants who truly desire to join our society and assimilate. But, he said, it should reject those who want to operate as independent subcultures...