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"Mayor Bloomberg has betrayed all the legal residents of New York City"

The post "Mayor Mike fully supports illegal immigration" explained how Bloomberg had overturned a law - on the books since the 30s - requiring applicants for a street vendor's license to be here legally.

Now, the letters page of the NY Post has a few choice comments from his constituents:
-- Mayor Bloomberg has betrayed all the legal residents of New York City... Bloomberg, who signed this law with great fanfare, should be working on ways to provide fewer incentives to break our immigration laws, not more.

-- Illegal immigration should be prosecuted on more levels than just as a federal crime...

-- I am amazed at how uninformed Americans are of the negative effects that undocumented and illegal aliens have...

-- Descendants of those legal immigrants, who sacrificed to achieve the American dream, must cringe at the rights that are thrown at illegal aliens today...

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