Fmr. FBI Agent: Canada terror haven; Canuck "liberals" dispute

From "Former FBI Official: Canada's Immigration Laws Too Lenient":
A former FBI official who currently specializes in international terrorism, counterintelligence, and foreign counterintelligence is warning that Canadian immigration laws are too lenient and make Canada a perfect destination for would-be terrorists.

Speaking at the 15th World Terrorist and Disaster Management Conference in Toronto this week, Ty Fairman said Muslim radicals are arriving in Canada and heading for Ontario because of that province's existing and extensive Muslim population. According to Fairman, Canada is home to approximately 750,000 Muslims. Sixty-one percent of that population lives in Ontario with 5% of that number living in Toronto. Fairman added that Toronto has the highest number of Muslims in any North American city.

Fairman went on to say that the al-Qaida terror network distributes intricate training manuals to all members which offer step-by-step instructions in how to effectively infiltrate nations in the western hemisphere adding, "One of their main missions, as far as expansion, is to travel to places undetected, unnoticed, go to places with lenient immigration laws."
Now, for the second part of my title:
A spokesman for Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan quickly rebuffed Fairman's warnings concerning this country's lax immigration laws maintaining that existing laws do not draw the attention of international terror groups.
Either there's a translation problem, or McLellan is an absolute idiot. Apparently at the conference she said that Canadians need to prepare themselves for a large terrorist attack.

The latter prompted "Dave Harris, a former Canadian Security Intelligence Service chief of strategic planning" to say:
"That gave me the uneasy feeling that we were living in a fool's paradise, that now we have to be prepared for an attack. I'm worried that we are skipping a step... What we need is to get a grip on our disgraceful immigration policies because we don't know what radicals are coming in... We need to hold the politicians' feet to the fire because the topic of immigration has been untouchable... Do we have to accept a number of bloody outbursts rather than come to a head with politically sensitive issues?"
The report "Would-be terrorists see Canada as perfect destination, ex-FBI agent says" (also here) has another idiotic comment from McLellan's spokesperson.

And, from last year, see "Canada admits: We're terror haven":
The [Canadian Security Intelligence Service] report confirms a recent U.S. Library of Congress study that said Canada's welfare system, immigration laws, infrequent prosecutions and light sentences had turned the country into "a favored destination for terrorists."


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