Mayor Mike fully supports illegal immigration

The New York Daily News supports illegal immigration, and their article "Vendors sold on Bloomberg" makes it quite clear that Mayor Mike Bloomberg does as well.

Since the 1930s, applicants for street vendor licenses have been asked whether they have the legal right to work here. Mayor Mike just signed into law a bill that eliminates that question.

According to "Flor Bermudez, staff attorney for Esperanza del Barrio, a group that works with Mexican and Latino immigrants":

"We're all very happy because the city will no longer discriminate against immigrants in the licensing process for street vending licenses"

I really don't have to point out that her use of the word "immigrants" is a lie: only "illegal immigrants" were prevented from getting such licenses in the past 70 years.

"Republican Minority Leader James Oddo of Staten Island" made a similar point:

"We all come from other shores," Oddo had said. "The difference ... is that my forefathers came here legally. These folks are here illegally."

Which prompted Councilman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn) to criticize:

...Oddo's comments as "racist" for assuming that all immigrant vendors are illegal.

Obviously, using the word "racist" is shorthand for "shut up". And, if they had kept the law, we could assume that they were all legal.

Based on "AVWatch: Why are foreign leaders coming to Villaraigosa's inauguration?" and "New York City blacks have a friend in Mayor Mike Bloomberg" I now believe that Mayor Mike is just pandering.

In other words, he's willing to ignore our laws and encourage massive illegal immigration in order to get votes. And, of course, he's doing this in the city that experienced America's worst terror attack.

Perhaps there could be a way for the federal government to step in and replace him with a pro-American mayor.


"street vending"

This is a nice sounding phrase for economic marginality, which of course, considering the reality of life in NY, inevitably means poverty and crime, as well as all the wonderful neighborhood ambience we know fits right in with underclass, primarily non-white, uhh, enclaves.

So I can understand why they're enthusiastic about expediting the creation of more of same.