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It's good to know that Kathy Ireland is safe

Yesterday's deadly terrorist bombings in London were indeed tragic. But, there is one bright spot that I and all America can be thankful for: Kathy Ireland was in London at the time, saw the news reports on the telly, and is now back safe in France:
...This morning I woke up [in London] to one of my best friends in a complete panic. We were to have breakfast, but her teenage daughter was interning at the British Museum, and she had just heard of "the power surge" that had occurred...

My immediate instinct was to get out of the city as soon as possible. But there was not a cab to be found, and the car services didn't have anything, so I got dropped of by Hammersmith Bridge thinking if all else failed I'd hitch to Gatwick... Tragedies like this bring the best out in people. All of a sudden you look at people differently. They are not trying to mug or make a pass at you. There was real pure human compassion and camaraderie wherever I was today. I got to Gatwick thinking that the airports would be closed, but I made an earlier flight to Toulouse and I'm so thankful to be here in the depth of the countryside surrounded by my horses, dogs and cats...
Once again: is the Huffington Post a satire site? Are they all having us on?

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