New York Daily News supports illegal immigration

Many years ago, a Mad Magazine cartoon featured a yesterday/today contrast: on the left side it showed a group of New York cops in the past, with one guy off to the side, shunned by the others. One of those in the large group was saying, "That's Bob, he's on the take."

On the right side, it showed a similar configuration from the present day, but the cop in the large group said, "That's Bob, he's not on the take."

With that in mind, the NY Daily News has an editorial that praises Mayor Mike Bloomberg, including this:
...the mayor will not be looking the other way anymore. And that's good news...
Mayor Mike, according to the NYDN, is not looking the other way anymore on not helping the federal government enforce immigration laws. (In case you're right-side up, turn yourself over so you can understand their position a bit better.)

NYC has a sanctuary policy, and Mayor Mike has apparently been "looking the other way" on that policy, occasionally helping the feds with immigration enforcement.

The New York Daily News supports that policy, and congratulates MM for apparently not looking the other way and thereby not helping enforce federal law. Full editorial in "Mike: Let's protect our immigrants".

Just recently the NYDN was featured in "Get out your hankies, here comes a PIIPP" as well as "N.Y. Daily News, Albor Ruiz: Lying, Misleading, Joking, or Telling the Truth?"

They were also mentioned in "Hats off to the New York Immigration Coalition".


"'I am in favor of giving everybody who is here today a card that will let them take a job,' he told a group of Caribbean-American community leaders, 'not be exploited, have access to city services and not have to worry about somebody calling' immigration authorities."

Sounds good to me.

All the polls have shown that the vast majority of the electorate opposes illegal immigration, yet the elites of both parties support it, sometimes quite openly and sometimes with a wink and a nod. So much for "democracy" in the USA. What's the latest reason we're supposedly fighting in Iraq again?

Bloomberg keeps appeasing the left, but they will never support him. Imagine being cynical enough to believe that the function of the police is to protect the criminal, and the foreign criminal in particular. The left wants almost anything that increases freedom for aggression, and such that restriction of the immigration of criminals appears to them as a serious threat. They want the least possible freedom from aggression, because that's their nature.