Anti-American forces win a round

The lawsuit challenging Kansas' law giving illegal aliens a better deal than U.S. citizens on college education has been dismissed by a federal judge. The suit was brought by with the assistance of FAIR. From the Kansas City Red Star:
[Law professor Kris Kobach of the University of Missouri-Kansas City], attorney for the plaintiffs, argued that the state law violated two federal laws enacted in 1996 that prevent states from offering illegal immigrants residency-based benefits that aren’t available to U.S. citizens.

[U.S. District Judge Richard Rogers] concluded, however, that the students who filed the lawsuit hadn't suffered any harm because of the Kansas law and didn’t have a cause of action.

He wrote in his decision that nothing in federal law gave them the private right to challenge the state law.

Rogers did not address many of the arguments Kobach presented.
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"...hadn't suffered any harm...."

Too bad the fact that immigration causes us to suffer no harm won't stop the paranoid radical anti-immigration fanatics from whining about it.

Assuming the plaintiffs were non-resident students who are US citizens from other states it's hard to take seriously the contention that they are not 'harmed' meaning treated discriminatorily to their financial disadvantage by this law.

There isn't any piece of shystering that power hungry officials will not use to promote the increase of aggression on the citizen and the net taxpayer, by foreign criminals.