What's good for CAT would be terrible for the U.S.

Reuters alerts us that CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) might be voted on before July 4th. And, if it passes our exports could grow by $1 billion a year, and:
Jim Owens, chief executive of construction and mining equipment maker Caterpillar Inc., is one of the industry leaders urging lawmakers to approve CAFTA.

"For Caterpillar, the benefits of free trade are very real," he wrote in a May letter to House of Representatives Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois...
Well, it's good to know that CAT would do well. However, CAFTA could be a precursor to the FTAA, and both would result in a loss of sovereignty and massive immigration. Next to those concerns, CAT's concerns mean nothing. There's more information on CAFTA here and on the FTAA here.

Please contact your representatives and urge them to vote no on CAFTA and similar plans.


Now THAT'S good satire of paranoid radical anti-immigration fanatics!

CAFTA, Will cut "our throats for good" it will allow a mass invasion of 50 million people from south america, and do us all in, within 5 years.

Aztlan will become the cry of hispanic freedom and bin laden will love that all to hell, it will once and for all dismantle the USA. But that is what bush and business really want the death of the USA. Oh yes you will see a million snipers in the mosques when that happens all over this once great nation. and can I ask where is bin laden?