Immigration reform versus the scare-quoted variety

FAIR offers "7 Principles of True Comprehensive Immigration Reform":

...Recently the political winds have shifted. As opponents of reform learned that the majority of the public were "pro-reform", they changed their tune and have tried to wrap their defense of unchecked illegal immigration and record levels of legal immigration as being "reform measures" when, in fact, they are measures that will "deform" our already broken system...

Bear that in mind as you read articles about politicians proposing "immigration reform." See the link for their seven principles. I don't fully agree with all of them, but they're about a million times better than the alternatives being offered by Bush, Cornyn, Kennedy-McCain, and the rest.


Reform my butt, this is about dismantling the USA And making a nation called aztlan, for both the U.S. And Mexican oligarchies, for mass slave laborers for the worlds Rich and powerful, don't be fooled its not what you think it is, its just evil and the system will use you like dogs.

Bush needs mexican\world slaves to keep down wages and that is why we have 20 million mexicans and south americans and name it inside our little empire to keep you and your family from making a living wage, that should be $20 per hour for unskilled workers and for skilled workers from $40 to $200 per hour and up. the fact is our so called nation is becoming a third world nation inside a star trek nation, in other words a mexico, just look at mexico 5 percent of the population live well, and the other 95 percent come here to make a living, but maybe bush wants a mexican way of life for you and your kids?

if we the people do not fight him we the people will become a third world hell on earth, with bush and business using your kids like Animals/Livestock. But most of you don't care about a future for your own families and if you do not care, you are nothing but animals to be used as the master wants.