Should illegal aliens count towards Congressional representation?

Currently, the 14th Amendment says that all "persons" in a state should count towards Congressional representation. Now, Candice Miller (R-MI) has proposed legislation that would change that to just include "citizens."

From her press release "No Congressional Representation for Illegal Aliens":
"I find it absolutely outrageous that people who are not in our country legally are having such a profound impact on our political system," Miller said. "Every 10 years the census determines the number of Congressional districts allocated to each state and how those districts are drawn. If we continue to include illegal aliens in that count, we'll allow non-citizens to steal the Congressional voice of Americans. This is about fundamental fairness and the American ideal of 'One Man; One Vote."
If this gains any traction, you can already see what would come next: anti-American and pro-illegal immigration groups and "American" legislators will fight tooth and nail to keep it like it is now, using an endless series of strawman and other specious arguments.

And, the "so-called" liberal media will probably be right there to stenograph the statements from such groups and pass on their smears. And, the Democratic Party will probably join in as well.

If you want to head them off at the pass, please contact your representatives and tell them you favor this legislation.

Some of the numbers involved are analyzed here:
If Amendment had been adopted before 2000:
* California would have 6 fewer seats in U.S. House of Representatives
* New York, Florida, Texas would have 1 fewer seat
* Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Utah would have 1 additional seat
One of the districts used as an example is actually near Lonewacko HQ.


These numbers show how illegal immigration is pushing or politics to the left, regardless of how any such foreign criminals vote or don't vote.