Why does anyone take libertarians seriously?

I mean, seriously now. Two San Diego libertarians attended a meeting of the group People for the USA in Yuma AZ. There in the heart of Invasion USA they advocated for Open Borders, among other wacky libertarian ideas. Now, granted, these are probably third-level loony liberaltarians, but even so you might expect a bit higher level of argumentation than:
Metti said America is a country of immigrants that should be accepting of more immigration. He said more workers can take low-level jobs, pushing everyone else up economically. He said this would also decrease the number of corporations exporting jobs overseas.

"I respect people who will do anything to live free," Metti said of immigrants. "We as Americans should respect that. We've fought a war and killed thousands of people in what we say is a fight for freedom."

Those in the audience staunchly against open borders said that corporations that hire illegal aliens should be punished by the government. Metti disagreed. "You want to punish people for giving people jobs?" he said...


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