Mark of the Beast phobia revisited

The old post "Dispel your Mark of the Beast phobia, citizen!" discussed a company that wants to replace credit cards with fingerprint scanners. One old coot Old Testament reader balked, something about the Book of Revelations or something. A company marketeer noted, "Must continue to educate the public on how biometric technology works to dispel the 'Mark of the Beast' phobia."

Now, that phobia is back as another company is trying something similar. WaPo reports in "Cash, charge or fingerprint? Retailers experimenting with biometric payments."

And, from "Activists flood board meeting for news shows":
AMITE [Louisiana] -- Nearly 200 Christian activists attended the Tangipahoa Parish School Board meeting Tuesday night where they prayed and protested the fingerprint scanners at two schools that some liken to the biblical end of the world...
Apparently that report has since been edited, because google news shows it as having once contained the phrase "mark of the beast." Obviously the lizardian masters got to this small town TV station and forced them to change their report. There really is nothing to worry about, citizen.