The liberal case against illegal immigration, Part 2

Welcome liberal friends! Could you please go read Victor Davis Hanson's "Illiberal aspects of illegal immigration rarely voiced". If you think of yourself as a liberal or a Democrat, you really should read the whole thing. Here's the ending however:
...For too long the debate over illegal immigration has been demagogued on hot-button issues of economics, ethnicity and relations with Mexico. The subtext always has been that those who support open borders are somehow more caring or ethical than their purportedly insensitive opponents who wish a return to measured and legal immigration.

In fact, the opposite is true. More frequently it is an uncaring elite - made up of both Democrats and Republicans - that advocates not enforcing immigration laws. And it is past time for them to explain why it is moral or liberal, rather than merely convenient, to import millions outside the law to do the jobs we supposedly cannot.
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