Howard Dean is the Democratic Party

Howard Dean, on yesterday's Today Show:
...[Republicans] are attacking immigrants, two Republican congressmen, Jim Sensenbrenner and Tom Tancredo have incredible anti-immigrant legislation...
This might be the least shocking and most mainstream "liberal" thing he's said recently. How many times have you heard these same (false) statements from other "liberals" and from the non-liberal news media?

As #4 commented:
...As to Sensenbrenner and Tancredo, they're not against immigration. It's illegal immigration, Dr. Dean, that they are talking about and you know it. And you know it. Both parties are on the verge of blowing this. This is something got people in the country riled up to the point that whatever party champions this is going to get a leg up, and the Republicans and Democrats both seem reluctant to do it. The Democrats are looking at future voters in illegal immigration. The Republicans, at some level of their party don't want to upset their contributors who hire illegal immigrant labor. Party interests here diverge, but they end up basically not doing anything about a program and a situation that just has an increasing number of millions of Americans upset and outraged that nothing is being done about it. Now, here's the bite I told you about at the beginning of the program that pretty much establishes my point that Howard Dean is saying what the Democrats want him to say... [example follows]
Surprisingly, Dean's latest outburst made the AP: "Sensenbrenner and Dean trade insults over immigration". They don't mention that they've used "anti-immigrant" time and time again. That AP report covers Sensenbrenner's letter to Gov. Dr. Dean:
I was extremely disappointed to hear of your latest outrageous political assault this morning on The Today Show. You accused me by name of "attacking immigrants" and having "incredible anti- immigrant legislation," an apparent reference to the REAL ID legislation that enjoyed strong bipartisan support in the House and Senate as well as by the Bush Administration. By implication, the 42 House Democrats who voted for the REAL ID Act and Senate Democrats like Senator Byrd who proved invaluable in moving this antiterrorism legislation through the Senate are also guilty of "attacking immigrants..."