What you can do about illegal immigration

I hardly agree with everything she writes, but Devvy Kidd does have some useful tips about dealing with illegal immigration.
First, do not vacation in Mexico...

Second, don't book your business convention in Cancun or any other city in Mexico...

Third, stop buying anything made in Mexico or any Latin American countries...

Fourth, stop buying any fruits or vegetables from Mexico or Latin American countries...

Fifth, get your money out of any bank that is giving home mortgage loans to illegals or in any way doing business with them...
I heartily agree with #1, #2, and, especially, #5. #4 I do already since I'd rather not expose myself to unnecessary risks. #3 might be a bit of a closer call, as it might be counterproductive. In any case, those steps are more effective as threats rather than in practice. If the Mexican government thought that their aggressive anti-American activities might result in a loss of revenue, they might modify those policies.

In any case, with Mexican citizens illegally in the U.S. threatening to wage economic war on one of our states, I don't think anyone should have any objections to simply refusing to send their money south of the border.


For Cbeeman,
Oh I see we should help strengthen their economy. You are an idiot. Last year alone in Texas illegals cost 4.2 billion. So lets just help them along. The 20 million or so who send their earnings back to Mexico is not good enough eh. Well, you must get a little more informed before you give out your opinion. Get real or don't write.

Since the two above commenters seem to be searching for a final solution to the Mexican problem I suggest we invade Mexico and replace the White plutocracy and their narco-traficante partners with a democratic regime responsive to the wishes of the mestizo and Amerindian majority. Mexico is a rich country with many multi-millionaires and even some billionaires(and I'm referring to on-the-books!). But the rich in Mexico feel no sense of responsibility for the less privileged citizens of their country and are illegitimately using the race card to palm off their responsibility to the foolish and guilt-ridden gringo. For those who fail to understand what I am saying you can start by using Google to find comparisons of tax collections as a percent of GDP for Mexico and other wealthy countries.

So let us pretend for a moment that this plan was implemented. What would we achieve, besides hurting an economy that is already diminished and cannot fully support its citizens. This is a great idea if the goal is to increase the incentive for illegal immigration. I'm not saying illegal immigration is not a problem it is, but causing further economic harm is just a bad idea.
There are substantive reasons for illegal immigration believe it or not leaving your home and family risking your very life in the process is not a best option scenario but rather a desperate attempt for survival.
If you want to stop illegal immigration then you must deal with the issues that created the problem in the first place. Only by creating incentive for workers (such as a strong economy that provides for basic needs) to stay in their country of origin can we put an end to illegal immigration.

Finally, someon has come up with a solution to immigration. Hallelujah!!