Richfield Minnesota gets infiltrated

Keep reading, because you might be shocked how this ends up. From "Mexican consulate representative joins in ordinance debate":
A representative of the Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago joined several other panelists last week in supporting a proposed ordinance that would officially restrict Richfield city employees from asking about immigration status in most cases.

Consulate representative Joyce Graciela Stellick took part in a community forum sponsored by the Richfield Human Rights Commission. She said that in her 2 1/2 years of experience in Minnesota and Wisconsin, she has seen many cases in which Mexican victims of crime have been unwilling to come forward to report crimes because they fear police...

...The Mexican government has a stake in policies outside its borders just as the United States has a stake in what happens to its citizens in Mexico, Stellick said.

"It's just like you wouldn't want something to happen while you're sitting on a beach in Mexico, with someone asking for your passport or visa," she said...

...Although Stellick wasn't originally a panelist, Human Rights Commission Chair Mark Olson asked her to join the panel after she introduced herself...
Of course, you already know that Mexico's "stake" in their exported population is a multi-billion dollar industry. And, you know that there are not 10 to 20 million illegal Americans living in Mexico, unlike our situation. I don't have to go into all the other ways her analogy is just a line that only the most brain-dead liberals would fall for. And, if you've been following along the idea that Mexican consuls would try to meddle in our laws - even attending local council meetings, sometimes with an illegal alien cheering section in tow - is not that surprising.

But, what's disturbing is what you find when you search for more information on this representative of a hostile foreign nation. From this:
...Joyce Graciela Stellick, who was born the daughter of a high ranking civilian government interpreter in Puerto Rico. "My mother spoke six languages and was an interpreter for the U.S. government for three presidents," Stellick explained, "Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Kennedy."

...Stellick moved to Colorado when her mother was transferred in 1964. Growing up there, she said, was sometimes difficult for a young Puerto Rican girl. "When I went down for my drivers license test, they asked me for my Green Card," she said, shaking her head.

Puerto Ricans are born U.S. citizens, and are not immigrants when they come into the United States.

Stellick never thought it was unusual that, while growing up, she had been in the Pentagon, the White House and NORAD, and it was not until after her mother's death that she learned why her mother was traveling in those circles. "I didn't realize this until after my mother died, but she actually worked for the CIA," Stellick explained. Stellick, although not working for the CIA, did follow in her mother's footsteps by becoming an interpreter, speaking six languages. She is certified to provide interpreter services all the way up to the Minnesota Supreme Court Roster, a high honor for interpreters...
Hey, what a coincidence! I'm thinking of the "T" word too.


Not surprising. As GWB makes clear every day, the elites are the enemy of the American people and it doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to figure this out.